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17 December 2020

Schools showcase their space writing talent

Berkshire and Oxfordshire schools showcase their space writing skills Visiting several schools in Berkshire and Oxfordshire recently to run my Launch your Story KS2 creative writing workshop, I was so impressed by the level of imagination […]
24 April 2019

A Week in Writing

7 Days, 7 Writing Tips Once I’ve decided on my destination, carefully planned my route and packed my provisions I feel ready to set off on my writing journey. Starting a new story is a real […]
5 October 2017
Mars Lander, Exploration, Red Planet

Can you visit Mars?

NASA is giving you the chance to send your name to Mars! Yes, if you sign up by the 1st November 2017, you can get your own boarding pass to Mars, like the one below. Your […]
23 June 2016

Space, Schools and Surrey

The past couple of months have been filled with fun events including a space afternoon at the amazing and award-winning Haslemere Bookshop in Surrey and workshops at The Abbey Junior School and Pangbourne College. I am […]
31 January 2016
NASA Spacesuit

Could You Be An Astronaut?

Michael May visits schools… From January 2016 I have been visiting schools to run my ‘Could you be an Astronaut?‘ workshops. It has been brilliant fun looking at what an Astronaut is (Greek for Space Sailor) […]
4 March 2015

Train like an astronaut

Fitness Tests for children from NASA Michael May, the main character in my new children’s book May’s Moon, wants to be the first child astronaut! He enters a NASA competition to be the first child into […]