Sue Palmer

I write stories for children
Karen Townsend Photography,

When I’m not scribbling in notebooks or thinking of new stories and characters,  I love to spend time with my family on the south coast. One day the sea is like a moody teenager, banging and crashing around. The next it’s calm and serene, like the Queen at an official engagement. It’s always changing and always surprising me. You can find some of my coastal images under inspirations.

My interest in writing stories probably began at primary school with a handwriting competition (which I won) and a poetry competition (which I didn’t win). From then until the end of my University days, I filled notebooks with poems and short stories when I probably should have been writing dissertations about Wolfgang Goethe or Friedrich Schiller! I managed both eventually but those words are still in notebooks – somewhere!

A few years later, after writing the odd article for parenting magazines and local circulars, something changed. Reading books to my own children made me want to recapture that feeling you get as a child, that you can do anything and be anything. I wanted to write stories – full, engaging, funny and heart-warming stories. I wanted characters with dreams, with unanswered questions and with the desire to do something about it.

That’s how May’s Moon came about.


Photography Attribution © Karen Townsend Photography