Creating Character, Setting, Plot and First Lines of your story

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to differentiate between character and characteristics.
  • To create profiles for story characters and understand what excites a reader.
  • To produce a setting plan for a story.
  • To understand how a plot plan signposts a story.
  • Create a plot plan.
  • To discuss different types of story beginning.
  • To produce a story beginning based on today's character, setting and plot plan.


  • Introduction to Sue Palmer, May's Moon and today's workshop objectives.
  • Character and characteristics - class discussion.
  • Re-reading of Chapter 1 of May's Moon.
  • Group notes on Michael May's character.
  • Introduction to character form.
  • Interactive group exercise to create characters.
  • Class discussion on what makes a good setting.
  • Group exercise to create story settings.
  • Introduction to a W-graph - plotting my story.
  • How do I begin my story? What sort of beginning do I like?
  • Write your own first lines.

Learning Outcomes

  • I know how to create a character, setting and a plot for my story and how to write an exciting start.