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1 February 2022

2024 Mission to the Moon and Greek Mythology – Primary Classroom Conversations (Post 1)

2 Greek Gods and the Moon The ancient Greek mystical world was ruled by 12 great gods and goddesses who lived on Mount Olympus (when they weren’t off travelling). They were called the Twelve Olympians.
1 February 2022

More Adventure in Children’s Books

Why Adventure Stories are vital for our Children I’ve recently read Katherine Rundell’s ‘Why You Should Read Children’s Books, Even Though you Are So Old and Wise’ and there are so many passages I could quote […]
15 September 2021

More than a Story – What good Fiction does for Children

I’ve just finished reading an action-packed children’s story about time travel, history, mystery and friendship (Vesuvius by J. D. Fennell) and, after I’d added it to my shelf of ‘enjoyed’ children’s books, I permitted myself a […]
21 June 2021

A World of Writing Opportunities

Rhu Primary School showcases its space writing skills One of the positive effects of virtual author visits into schools, is being able to ‘go’ anywhere at any time. There’s no getting caught in traffic, no thoughts […]
24 May 2021

Space Stories – Virtual Book Signing and Giveaway May 2021

For the month of May, I’ll be signing every copy of May’s Moon purchased from the Space Store, Didcot. If you haven’t yet got yours, you can order online or visit the store and collect your […]
25 March 2021

Classroom Space Quiz for KS2

If space is your topic, why not try this quiz with your class? It’s free to download and comes with a set of answers. What does your class know about space? How about using this quiz […]
31 January 2021

Super Satellites And What They Mean For Us

What is a Satellite? A satellite is a planet, moon or machine that orbits a planet or star. Planets and moons are called natural satellites and machines referred to as artificial satellites. Natural Satellites Our own […]
17 December 2020

A World of Writing Opportunities

Rhu Primary School showcases its space writing skills One of the positive effects of virtual author visits into schools, is being able to ‘go’ anywhere at any time. There’s no getting caught in traffic, no thoughts […]
30 November 2020

Authors into Schools – Cost v Benefit

How do I decide which authors to invite into our school to support our class learning, topics and curriculum? Where can I get the best recommendations for author visits? Will an author session be beneficial just […]
2 October 2020

World Space Week 2020 and the 1st Child Astronaut?

How will you be celebrating World Space Week? Will you be watching out for the International Space Station as it arcs across our skies this week? Will you be snuggling up in front of your favourite […]
7 August 2020

22 Questions about my Writing

The things Teachers and Children want to know… When I visit schools, I get asked many questions about my writing, how I started, what inspires me and the sorts of books I like. Below are some […]
24 July 2020

Perseverance Rover searches for life 33 million miles away on Mars

Perseverance Rover searches for life on Mars NASA hopes to get one step closer to answering the question about life on Mars when they launch the new car-sized Perseverance rover on its 33 million mile journey […]
15 June 2020

Dragons in Space make History

Fire in the Sky Were you lucky enough to see two amazing sights in the UK skies on the night of the 30th May 2020?   Seeing the super bright light of the International Space Station […]
6 May 2020

My Writing World – from idea to story

The first full-length children’s story I wrote was, to be honest, a total disaster. My plot was obvious and uninspiring, my characters were clichés and two-dimensional and the setting was underdeveloped and poorly thought out.This was […]
22 November 2019

Colouring Pages

Here are a few fun colouring pages for you to download and use.
24 October 2019

Space Food for Thought

What do astronauts eat in space? My May’s Moon books have involved a lot of research into the lives of astronauts. I’ve been fascinated by what it takes to become one and by the amazing experiments […]
23 September 2019

May’s Moon Book Launch – Author Interview

Sue Palmer talks about writing, reading and the publication of her new book… Where are you from? I live in the UK. I moved from Lancashire to The Cotswolds at the age of 7 and have […]
14 August 2019

Summer Space Chase

As you pack to go on holiday or unpack from a memorable trip away with your family, you still have chance to register and take part in the awesome: Summer Reading Challenge – The Space Chase. […]
11 July 2019

Moon Madness

50 years since our first Moon visit Moon Madness and why Earth’s Satellite has such a big pull A few days ago, I was a car passenger with a friend. After enduring the erratic driving of […]
24 April 2019

A Week in Writing

7 Days, 7 Writing Tips Once I’ve decided on my destination, carefully planned my route and packed my provisions I feel ready to set off on my writing journey. Starting a new story is a real […]
13 March 2019

Science Education Day 2019

#ScienceEducationDay – 14th March 2019 Science Education Day is the perfect opportunity to say thank you to all those people who share their love of science with children and adults across the world. I have a […]
6 March 2019

World Book Day Wonders

To celebrate World Book Day and Read an E-book Week, how about reading something new and different?   If you’re used to reading action-packed thrillers, why not give a fantasy story a go? If you’re into […]