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2 October 2020
World Space Week 2020 and the 1st Child Astronaut? — S Y Palmer

World Space Week 2020 and the 1st Child Astronaut?

How will you be celebrating World Space Week? Will you be watching out for the International Space Station as it arcs across our skies this week? Will you be snuggling up in front of your favourite […]
24 October 2019
Space Food for Thought — S Y Palmer

Space Food for Thought

What do astronauts eat in space? My May’s Moon books have involved a lot of research into the lives of astronauts. I’ve been fascinated by what it takes to become one and by the amazing experiments […]
14 August 2019
Summer Space Chase — S Y Palmer

Summer Space Chase

As you pack to go on holiday or unpack from a memorable trip away with your family, you still have chance to register and take part in the awesome: Summer Reading Challenge – The Space Chase. […]
13 March 2019
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Science Education Day 2019

#ScienceEducationDay – 14th March 2019 Science Education Day is the perfect opportunity to say thank you to all those people who share their love of science with children and adults across the world. I have a […]
24 February 2019
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Top Space Inventions

Things that have changed our lives Space exploration has given us huge amounts of information and knowledge, which has led directly to inventions and new technologies. These inventions and technologies have greatly benefited us on earth […]