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6 May 2020
My Writing World - from idea to story — S Y Palmer

My Writing World – from idea to story

The first full-length children’s story I wrote was, to be honest, a total disaster. My plot was obvious and uninspiring, my characters were clichés and two-dimensional and the setting was underdeveloped and poorly thought out.This was […]
14 August 2019
Summer Space Chase — S Y Palmer

Summer Space Chase

As you pack to go on holiday or unpack from a memorable trip away with your family, you still have chance to register and take part in the awesome: Summer Reading Challenge – The Space Chase. […]
24 April 2019
A Week in Writing — S Y Palmer

A Week in Writing

7 Days, 7 Writing Tips Once I’ve decided on my destination, carefully planned my route and packed my provisions I feel ready to set off on my writing journey. Starting a new story is a real […]
6 March 2019
World Book Day, Reading List, Books, Children, Stories,

World Book Day Wonders

To celebrate World Book Day and Read an E-book Week, how about reading something new and different?   If you’re used to reading action-packed thrillers, why not give a fantasy story a go? If you’re into […]
27 April 2017
Spring Stories for Children — S Y Palmer

Spring Stories for Children

I love the sights, smells and sounds of spring, in particular the first flowers. They remind me of the words of a new story as it finally makes its way onto paper. During the winter months, […]
29 September 2016
Best Book Reviews — S Y Palmer

Best Book Reviews

Lots of reading over the summer has produced some great book reviews from children. Here are the top 3! Thanks for your book reviews and look out for more at Christmas!
19 July 2016
Great Summer Reads for Children — S Y Palmer

Great Summer Reads for Children

Great books for 8-12 year olds If you’re anything like me, you like to buy or download books just for your holiday. There they sit, tempting you to just read the first few lines. If you […]
30 October 2015
Moon Poem Winner Announced! — S Y Palmer

Moon Poem Winner Announced!

Thank you to those children who sent in their fabulous poems about the moon! I’m delighted to announce that the winner of this competition is…   Emma’s poem: The Moon The moon is bright The moon […]
15 June 2015
Look up and smile — S Y Palmer

Look up and smile

Smile at the moon   Is the moon lonely up there in the night? All on its own – way out of sight Behind the clouds and right up high It looks quite clumsy in all […]
27 April 2015
A World of Books — S Y Palmer

A World of Books

Celebrating World Book Night…questions and answers Q: What is World Book Night? A: World Book Night is a night of celebration! Enthusiastic volunteers at libraries, bookshops and other venues give away books and share their love […]
21 February 2015

Reading to Write

  My first attempt at a children’s novel was an unmitigated disaster and one I shared with about thirty literary agents and publishers! I admit that there were perhaps one or two holes in my plot, […]
11 February 2015
Rhyme, Rhythm and Rap — S Y Palmer

Rhyme, Rhythm and Rap

I was lucky to be able to attend a Brian Moses ‘Rhyme, Rhythm & Rap’ poetry assembly at Holy Trinity Primary School in Cookham yesterday. I remember my own children reading Brian’s book, ‘Trouble at the […]