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24 July 2020
NASA cartoon image of the Mars Perseverance rover

Perseverance Rover searches for life 33 million miles away on Mars

Perseverance Rover searches for life on Mars NASA hopes to get one step closer to answering the question about life on Mars when they launch the new car-sized Perseverance rover on its 33 million mile journey […]
15 June 2020
Dragon, wings out, flying in space

Dragons in Space make History

Fire in the Sky Were you lucky enough to see two amazing sights in the UK skies on the night of the 30th May 2020?   Seeing the super bright light of the International Space Station […]
11 July 2019
Moon Madness — S Y Palmer

Moon Madness

50 years since our first Moon visit Moon Madness and why Earth’s Satellite has such a big pull A few days ago, I was a car passenger with a friend. After enduring the erratic driving of […]
5 October 2017
Mars Lander, Exploration, Red Planet

Can you visit Mars?

NASA is giving you the chance to send your name to Mars! Yes, if you sign up by the 1st November 2017, you can get your own boarding pass to Mars, like the one below. Your […]
22 September 2017
Brooms to the moon — S Y Palmer

Brooms to the moon

Fly to the Moon You can’t reach the moon on a broom Despite what those witches say And your phone can’t take pictures Of a million miles away But master your maths and your English Or […]
3 August 2017
Sun, Moon, Space, Corona, Earth

Summer Solar Eclipse

Summer Solar Eclipse across the USA On the 21st August 2017 millions of those in North America will be treated to the first total solar eclipse for 99 years. What is a solar eclipse? It takes […]
26 January 2017

More men to the moon?

As we celebrate the life of the last man to walk on the moon, Eugene (Gene) Cernan, who died this week, questions are being asked about the future of moon exploration. Will we ever go to […]
30 October 2016
October's Orbit — S Y Palmer

October’s Orbit

Astronaut Encounters October was one of the most exciting months for seeing and meeting astronauts. As well as hearing all about their experiences in space I got some great new ideas for Michael May’s next adventures: […]
23 June 2016
Space, Schools and Surrey — S Y Palmer

Space, Schools and Surrey

The past couple of months have been filled with fun events including a space afternoon at the amazing and award-winning Haslemere Bookshop in Surrey and workshops at The Abbey Junior School and Pangbourne College. I am […]
31 January 2016
NASA Spacesuit

Could You Be An Astronaut?

Michael May visits schools… From January 2016 I have been visiting schools to run my ‘Could you be an Astronaut?‘ workshops. It has been brilliant fun looking at what an Astronaut is (Greek for Space Sailor) […]
13 November 2015
2015 Christmas Theme - Space! — S Y Palmer

2015 Christmas Theme – Space!

If you love all things space-related…this Christmas is made for you!   If you or your children like space and all things space-like, this Christmas is especially exciting for you! On television, a major department store […]
27 October 2015
Things you didn't know about tonight's full moon! — S Y Palmer

Things you didn’t know about tonight’s full moon!

Tonight is a full moon! So apart from being able to see the whole of one side of the moon (if our skies are clear), what else does this mean? Here are 10 things you might […]
1 September 2015
View of the Earth from Space

Summer Space Stories

What’s the news in space right now? The International Space Station Tomorrow will see the Russian Space Agency (called Roscosmos) sending one of their Soyuz Spacecraft up to the International Space Station (ISS). This will be […]
15 June 2015
Look up and smile — S Y Palmer

Look up and smile

Smile at the moon   Is the moon lonely up there in the night? All on its own – way out of sight Behind the clouds and right up high It looks quite clumsy in all […]
24 March 2015
International Space Station

What’s happening in space now?

Visit the NASA Kids’ Club to find out… This Friday (27th March), 1 NASA astronaut and 2 Russian cosmonauts will fly up to the International Space Station to join 3 other members of the Expedition 43 […]
4 March 2015
Train like an astronaut — S Y Palmer

Train like an astronaut

Fitness Tests for children from NASA Michael May, the main character in my new children’s book May’s Moon, wants to be the first child astronaut! He enters a NASA competition to be the first child into […]