If you love all things space-related…this Christmas is made for you!


If you or your children like space and all things space-like, this Christmas is especially exciting for you!


On television, a major department store shows a girl looking up into the night sky and spotting the unexpected on the moon

Star Wars are releasing their much awaited The Force Awakens

Lego show you how to build a scale model of the Russian Soyuz Capsule

The European Space Agency are sending the first British Astronaut, Tim Peake, up to the International Space Station!


Tim Peake is the real, live, adult version of Michael May, the 13 year old British boy in May’s Moon, who wants to be the first child astronaut…another space-related goody for December. Whilst Michael competes with other children from around the world to be chosen for the next mission to the moon, Tim Peake has spent the last six years preparing for his adventure! He was one of over 8,000 applicants and has spent the last two years training for a six month stay on the International Space Station.


I was lucky enough to meet up with Tim at a recent press conference at the Science Museum in London – his last in the UK before he takes off in a Soyuz rocket from Russia on the 15th December. He calmly answered questions on a variety of subjects including aliens, space toilets and how santa would find him 240 miles above the earth! He also has his own copy of May’s Moon, which he aims to read before his launch date.

















International Space Station

Courtesy of NASA










Front Cover of May’s Moon