Visit the NASA Kids’ Club to find out…

This Friday (27th March), 1 NASA astronaut and 2 Russian cosmonauts will fly up to the International Space Station to join 3 other members of the Expedition 43 crew.

The Expedition 43 crew will represent the USA, Russia and the European Space Agency. They will be performing science experiments and two of the astronauts will be spending a whole year in space, to see what impact it has on their bodies.

Visit the NASA Kid’s Club ‘Now in Space’ to find out more about this and what past space station and shuttle missions have discovered.

If you want some fun facts about what NASA’s future space exploration plans are, visit their exciting Kid’s Clubhouse page.

What can I find out?

You can find out about the other aircraft NASA use, including:

  • The F-15B Active Plane – used for testing aircraft safety technology
  • The X-15 – which NASA used to fly to the edge of space
  • The ER-2 – which takes pictures from the edge of space to help scientists in their study of the earth and natural phenomena such as volcanoes and earthquakes

The Kid’s Clubhouse also has:

  • Jigsaws
  • Pictures of the animals and plants that live at the various NASA sites in the USA, which you can print out and colour
  • A game about healthy eating
  • Information about space exploration

You can also play fun games at various skill levels:

  • Can you add up before the rocket launches?
  • Will you be able to successfully navigate your buggy on mars?
  • How good is your memory?
  • Can you play detective?

Simply click on a level and start playing and whilst you’re doing that… just imagine what it must be like for the 3 astronauts, who have less than 3 days before they travel 240 miles up into space!