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25 March 2021

Classroom Space Quiz for KS2

If space is your topic, why not try this quiz with your class? It’s free to download and comes with a set of answers. What does your class know about space? How about using this quiz […]
26 February 2021

World Book Day Wonders – Children’s Books

If you’re used to reading action-packed thrillers, why not give a fantasy story a go? If you’re into detective stories, what about an adventure story for a change? Challenge yourself to read something new and you […]
26 February 2021

Private Peaceful

(Historical, War, Action) This is an amazing story of the First World War, told in the voice of Tommo, a young soldier. The story captures 24hrs in his life at the front, whilst looking back over […]
10 December 2020

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

  (Historical fiction) This is heartbreaking story from the perspective of nine year old Bruno. We see some of the happenings of the Holocaust from his a naive, inaccurate view. It’s a story about children’s friendship, […]
29 September 2020
Children's Adventure Stories

Bring back Adventure Stories for Children

Why Adventure Stories are still so important for our Children… Stories about magical trees, islands, making camp fires and sleeping under the night sky were a large part of my life for years; some secretly enjoyed […]
24 July 2020
NASA cartoon image of the Mars Perseverance rover

Perseverance Rover searches for life 33 million miles away on Mars

Perseverance Rover searches for life on Mars NASA hopes to get one step closer to answering the question about life on Mars when they launch the new car-sized Perseverance rover on its 33 million mile journey […]