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21 February 2015

Reading to Write

  My first attempt at a children’s novel was an unmitigated disaster and one I shared with about thirty literary agents and publishers! I admit that there were perhaps one or two holes in my plot, […]
11 February 2015

Rhyme, Rhythm and Rap

I was lucky to be able to attend a Brian Moses ‘Rhyme, Rhythm & Rap’ poetry assembly at Holy Trinity Primary School in Cookham yesterday. I remember my own children reading Brian’s book, ‘Trouble at the […]
6 February 2015

May’s Moon; an extract

CHAPTER ONE Click. Michael May fastened the last strap on his space suit and lifted on his helmet. ‘Primary life support system secure?’ shouted the bald-headed man in front of him. ‘Check!’ ‘Helmet secure?’ ‘Check!’ ‘Suit […]
5 February 2015

The Castle of Galinsk

A synopsis of The Castle of Galinsk (Fantasy for 9-12) Evil King Salek has sprinkled withering dust on part of King Randor’s lands, hypnotizing his people, destroying all plants and creatures and ageing the King. If […]
5 February 2015

May’s Moon

A synopsis of May’s Moon  (Action Adventure/ Sci-Fi for 9-12 olds) Michael May is wearing a space suit, standing on the edge of the world’s largest pool, about to find out what it’s like to be […]
4 February 2015

First things first…

The last week has to have been one of the most exciting for me as a writer! After five years of putting pen to paper, scribbling down ideas, names, places and plots…I have just signed a […]