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31 January 2016
NASA Spacesuit

Could You Be An Astronaut?

Michael May visits schools… From January 2016 I have been visiting schools to run my ‘Could you be an Astronaut?‘ workshops. It has been brilliant fun looking at what an Astronaut is (Greek for Space Sailor) […]
15 December 2015


May’s Moon Launch Party! Thank you so much to the family and friends who joined me to celebrate the launch of May’s Moon on Saturday! It was a fabulous night which I will remember for a […]
13 November 2015
2015 Christmas Theme - Space! — S Y Palmer

2015 Christmas Theme – Space!

If you love all things space-related…this Christmas is made for you!   If you or your children like space and all things space-like, this Christmas is especially exciting for you! On television, a major department store […]
30 October 2015
Moon Poem Winner Announced! — S Y Palmer

Moon Poem Winner Announced!

Thank you to those children who sent in their fabulous poems about the moon! I’m delighted to announce that the winner of this competition is…   Emma’s poem: The Moon The moon is bright The moon […]
27 October 2015
Things you didn't know about tonight's full moon! — S Y Palmer

Things you didn’t know about tonight’s full moon!

Tonight is a full moon! So apart from being able to see the whole of one side of the moon (if our skies are clear), what else does this mean? Here are 10 things you might […]
1 September 2015
View of the Earth from Space

Summer Space Stories

What’s the news in space right now? The International Space Station Tomorrow will see the Russian Space Agency (called Roscosmos) sending one of their Soyuz Spacecraft up to the International Space Station (ISS). This will be […]
15 June 2015
Look up and smile — S Y Palmer

Look up and smile

Smile at the moon   Is the moon lonely up there in the night? All on its own – way out of sight Behind the clouds and right up high It looks quite clumsy in all […]
15 May 2015

What made you share your words…and worlds?

Questions and Answers… AUTHOR INTERVIEW – S Y Palmer Where are you from? I live in the UK. I moved from Lancashire to The Cotswolds at the age of 7 and have been living in rural […]
27 April 2015
A World of Books — S Y Palmer

A World of Books

Celebrating World Book Night…questions and answers Q: What is World Book Night? A: World Book Night is a night of celebration! Enthusiastic volunteers at libraries, bookshops and other venues give away books and share their love […]
24 March 2015
International Space Station

What’s happening in space now?

Visit the NASA Kids’ Club to find out… This Friday (27th March), 1 NASA astronaut and 2 Russian cosmonauts will fly up to the International Space Station to join 3 other members of the Expedition 43 […]
4 March 2015
Train like an astronaut — S Y Palmer

Train like an astronaut

Fitness Tests for children from NASA Michael May, the main character in my new children’s book May’s Moon, wants to be the first child astronaut! He enters a NASA competition to be the first child into […]
21 February 2015

Reading to Write

  My first attempt at a children’s novel was an unmitigated disaster and one I shared with about thirty literary agents and publishers! I admit that there were perhaps one or two holes in my plot, […]
11 February 2015
Rhyme, Rhythm and Rap — S Y Palmer

Rhyme, Rhythm and Rap

I was lucky to be able to attend a Brian Moses ‘Rhyme, Rhythm & Rap’ poetry assembly at Holy Trinity Primary School in Cookham yesterday. I remember my own children reading Brian’s book, ‘Trouble at the […]
6 February 2015

May’s Moon; an extract

CHAPTER ONE Click. Michael May fastened the last strap on his space suit and lifted on his helmet. ‘Primary life support system secure?’ shouted the bald-headed man in front of him. ‘Check!’ ‘Helmet secure?’ ‘Check!’ ‘Suit […]
5 February 2015

The Castle of Galinsk

A synopsis of The Castle of Galinsk (Fantasy for 9-12) Evil King Salek has sprinkled withering dust on part of King Randor’s lands, hypnotizing his people, destroying all plants and creatures and ageing the King. If […]
5 February 2015

May’s Moon

A synopsis of May’s Moon  (Action Adventure/ Sci-Fi for 9-12 olds) Michael May is wearing a space suit, standing on the edge of the world’s largest pool, about to find out what it’s like to be […]
4 February 2015

First things first…

The last week has to have been one of the most exciting for me as a writer! After five years of putting pen to paper, scribbling down ideas, names, places and plots…I have just signed a […]