Michael May visits schools…

From January 2016 I have been visiting schools to run my ‘Could you be an Astronaut?‘ workshops.

It has been brilliant fun looking at what an Astronaut is (Greek for Space Sailor) and what they do, but the best bit has been testing the year 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s to find out if they have what it takes to be an Astronaut! What are the skills they would need? Which subjects would they have to study and which personal attributes are essential for an Astronaut?

Could they cope with the training and then being catapulted into an alien world by sitting on what is really just a giant controlled bomb?

Reading the first chapter of May’s Moon, we discussed some of the basic training that Michael May has to do…at the age of just 13!

Click here to find out what Michael is doing at the start of the story…this is the same type of training that Tim Peake had to do to practice for his mission to the International Space Station.

We then looked at how good our reflexes are and how difficult it is to do even simple tasks with astronaut gloves on!

It’s been great meeting so many enthusiastic, knowledgeable and fun children and I have many more to see over the next few months!

Thanks for your support and energy!

Astronaut, Spaceman