What’s happening in space right now and what are man’s future exploration goals?

Learning Objectives

  • To describe what is happening in space right now.
  • To identify the key aims and timescales for Moon and Mars exploration.
  • To understand why these goals have been set.
  • To be able to describe the benefits of this exploration to life on earth.
  • To create an idea bank of futuristic space goals.


  • Introduction to Sue Palmer.
  • May's Moon and today's workshop objectives.
  • Group discussion on future space goals.
  • What's happening in Space Right Now.
  • What skills and attributes do you need to be an astronaut or space resident?
  • Moon science, technology and missions.
  • Design your own moon base.
  • How to do we make it to Mars?
  • What do we get from space travel?
  • Quiz - let's test your knowledge and listening.
  • Moon poems.

Learning Outcomes

  • I can talk about the benefits of space exploration for life on earth.
  • I can identify the key aims and timescales for Moon and Mars exploration.

Space News

Information and articles about what’s happening in space right now: from Moon missions to Mars exploration and life on the International Space Station.

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